50 grams (approx. 35 cups)


A subtle, floral flavour with golden hues, this is a gentle and comforting drink with no caffeine, making it suitable any time of the day. Designed to soothe your modern-day anxiety with our perfect combination of hand-picked 100% Organic ingredients.


We have carefully researched and chosen our ingredients to not only assist anxiety, but also to support and balance other stress responses which happen in the body. This allows for a holistic and effective approach.

Mindful Tea

  • Ingredients: Lemon Balm, Chamomile, Scullcap, Passionflower, Lavender, Red Rose Petals


    We suggest sealing the tea once opened and storing in a cool place, away from direct sunlight to retain maximum potency and flavour.


    Herbal Benefits:

    Lemon Balm - Helps relieve stress, anxiety, insomnia, indigestion and nausea.

    Chamomile - Can create a sense of calm, aid sleep, digestion and anxiety.

    Skullcap - Aids anxiety, insomnia and assists those with nervous conditions.

    Passionflower - Aids irritability, tension, insomnia and worried states of mind.

    Lavender - Supports sleep, detoxifies the body, boosts immunity and creates a sense of calm.

    Red Rose - Promotes relaxation, eases pain, assists digestion and boosts immunity.