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Our Story

Mindful Tea was founded by India and Taylor from their personal journeys through stress and anxiety. After exploring various modalities, they discovered that herbal tea combined with mindfulness, was the answer they needed. This led them to create unique herbal tea blends aimed at supporting wellness and enhancing overall health, so that they could be shared with you.

Mindful Tea NZ

Our Tea

At Mindful Tea we choose to use only certified organic, high quality ingredients in our products. We believe organic ingredients are better for your health, taste fresher, and are better for the planet. Our tea contains no hidden ingredients, additives or artificial flavours and they are not grown with synthetic fertilisers or herbicides. They contain 100% honest and natural ingredients just as it should be.


Our vision is to share the benefits of our herbal tea blends and improve the wellbeing of others by providing natural, effective solutions that support both mental and physical health. Through our passion for herbal remedies and mindful living, we hope to inspire a healthier, more balanced lifestyle for everyone. By integrating our teas into your daily routine, we believe you can experience enhanced mental wellbeing, tranquility, and overall balance.

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