Organic Loose Leaf Tea

The perfect combination of hand-picked ingredients designed to soothe your modern-day anxiety.


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Certified 100% Organic Ingredients

At Mindful Tea we don't only target anxiety and stress, we look at the bigger picture and assist all of the effects that take place on the body through times of stress, and that is how we found the perfect blend.

Helps soothe anxiety

Promotes sleep & relaxation

Improves skin health

Promotes an inner calm

Aids restful sleep

Helps boost immunity

Relieves insomnia

Supports immune system

Improves gut health

Aids insomnia

Assists anxiety

Promotes inner calm

Alleviates stress

Aids digestion

Eases nausea

Improves skin health

Aids digestion

Assists weight loss

About Us

Mindful Tea is a contemporary NZ-owned business, creating organic tea blends to soothe your modern-day anxiety and promote mindfulness. Ethically sourced, sustainably packed and lovingly created for New Zealanders.

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